Tails is a live operating system that you can use in any computer using USB or DVD as a live system. It is totally working on preserving privacy and anonymity. It helps you use the internet free from anywhere and any time just plug and play with your USB drive.
Tails is a complete operating system based on Debian (Stable) designed to be used as a live operating system in a USB stick or a DVD from any computer without harming and changes in existing operating systems. It is based on Debian so its all software based on open-source (Free).
Tails come with pre-configured with security and privacy using Tor network and other applications like a web browser, instant messaging client, email client, office suite, password manager, etc.

Why we need Tor

If you love your privacy and you do not want to anyone can track or see what you don on daily bases ion the internet so you have to use Virtual Private Network or Tor is one of them. VPN is not a topmost privacy tool it can change your IP address but the admin of the VPN can track you down and which service you took they have limited server so you main brock your privacy. But in Tor first Tor has no control of any organization or any person. Tor network developed by many volunteers in the world who do not know each other. OR even in all platform Tor network have been used like Jurnlisum, Militaries, Private companies, etc.

Use anywhere but leave no trace

Tails running almost all of the computer does not depend on which operating system installed in it. So you can use it from anywhere and any computer-like friend’s computer, cyber cafe’s computer, etc. computer because after shutting down Tails computer will start again as usual.

Tails working on the live based system so it is only using the USB drive as storge disk not using computer’s hard disk, the only storage device is used by Tails is RAM and you know when computer gone down RAM memory is erased by itself so no way to trace back that’s why it is also called by “amnesic”.

Cryptographic tools

Tails also come with the pre-installed tools to protect your data using strong encryption so no one can breach your security.

  • Encrypt your USB stick using LUKS, the Linux standard for disk encryption.
  • Automatically use HTTPS to encrypt all the communication between source to destination.
  • Encrypt and sign all the email and documents using “de facto” standard OpenPGP either you use a Tails email client or web browser.
  • Using OTR protects your all instant messaging conversations, which is providing you topmost encryption and authentication.
  • Using Nautilus Wipe Tails securely delete your files and clean your disk space.

How to install Tails in USB

Download and Install Tails

Download the Tails on which platform you want to use. Tails available to three following platforms:

  • For USB stick (USB image)
  • For DVD (ISO image)
  • For Virtual machines (ISO Image)

which operating system are you installing tails

How to create bootable USB Drive:

How to create a bootable USB drive we need at least 8GB Pendrive and software to make a bootable USB drive. In the market, you get much software but I recommend use balenaEtcher to create a live USB drive.


balenaEtcher is a free and open-source utility to create live or bootable USB drive. Itavailbake fo all platform Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as. SO you have to download the balenaEtcher according to your operating system.

You can click here to download the balenaEtcher

balenaEtcher is a free and open-source utility

Install balenaEtcher or use portable balenaEtcher:

When your download is complete you have to open the balenaEtcher and make bootable USB drive to follow the following steps:

Install and Open the balenaEtcher application

balenaEtcher running in window 10

Select the ISO and USB Drive

Now you have to select the downloaded ISO file. Click on the select image and find the Tails downloaded ISO and select it. Then you have to select the USB drive where you have to install the Tails OS by default it detects the USB drive but if you have to multiple USB connected that time you have to select manually.


Select Drive

You have to select the drive manually where you want to install the Tails.

balenaEtcher-select-the-drive-manually OGLinux

Flash the drive (USB)

Finally, you have to click on Flash and Tails star to installing in a USB drive.


How to start Tails in any computer:

When you USB drive ready to use. You have to restart your computer or you can use it from anywhere else just follow the following steps

BIOS settings or Using the function key

Start you Tails OS

start tails using live oprion here

Welcome to Tails!

Here you have to select the language, keyboard layout, and your location also.

Tails welcomw window hereyou have to selelct Language and Keyboard layout

Set Administration password

In Addition settings, you have to option change to set the Administration password as well as other options.

set the administration password in your tails

Start Tails!

After all settings, you have to click on “Start Tails”.

tails os click on start to start the tails

Tails 4.5 is Start

Finally you Tails 4.5 is tart, it is an important thing in the Tails OS it is life and fully anonymous wit Tor network. Now you can use Tails and protect your privacy.

Tailss 4.5 Desktop with GNOME Desktop Envirnoment

Tails 4.5 Overview

In this video, I will give an overview of Tails 4.5, about pre-installed applications and other features. Tails is a live operating system that you can use in any computer using USB or DVD as a live system. It is totally working on preserving privacy and anonymity. It helps you use the internet free from anywhere and any time just plug and play with your USB drive.



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